December 25, 2008

The Unspoken Freedom

There are times
there are people
longing for freedom.
There are people who stay
even when the time washes away.
There are people who leave
even when freedom is almost to lead.

There would be strife
fetter a greater life
to agree what the world disagrees
to set you free from all the tyrannies.

If it is a fear you would dispel
come by dear I tell you a spell
though it's hard to cast off
but we may try to cut the handcuff.

So long the freedom is hidden
so long it is left unspoken
there can be no right in the twisted sight
thus so long to the dazing light.
When the rhyme ends
the unspoken freedom begins
to rise in.

Sarah Mohd Shukor
Pushkin Hostel
15 December 2004

Nota: Baru tersedar bahawa sajak itu sudah berusia 4 tahun lebih! Saya tulis ketika di tahun 2 dulu. Punyalah dah lama! (sekarang saya rasa sajak ini sangatlah buruk) =p

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